Shimano Ultegra Di2 2x11-speed Dual Control Lever ST-R8060 Set



Product Details

The new Ultegra R8000 series is taking our rider-tuned philosophy to the next level, with an extensive range of components for mechanical shifting, electronic shifting (Di2) and time trial / triathlon.

The new Di2 lever can operate with the recently released full or semi Synchronized Shifting function (with the BT-BN110 battery), giving riders the option to make automatic shifts from the front (full) or rear (semi) derailleurs. This means that you could set, for example, both left shifters to move up through the drivetrain and both right shifters to move down through the drivetrain. As well as this the shifters have more defined click feeling to offer quick and precise shifting with gloves. Following the design of the 'secret' Dura-Ace Di2 shifter buttons, the new Ultegra ST-R8070 hydraulic Di2 and ST-R8050 rim brake Di2 levers also include the top-of-the-hoods buttons for remote shifting, which can be programmed to shift gear or to control ancillary devices such as compatible computers or lights. All shift levers or buttons can also operate multi-shift which, like the top button and Synchronized Shift features, are customisable in the E-TUBE app for phones, tablets or PCs. The app not only allows you to customize functions and operations as you please, but also allows you to keep all units up-to-date with the latest firmware and run error checks to pinpoint and solve abnormalities.

Product features

  • Use: Road, TT, Triathlon
  • Group: Ultegra Di2
  • Model: ST-R8060
  • Type: Dual Control Lever (STI)
  • Gear: 2x11-speed right/left programmable
  • Handlebar mounting: DH Bar left/right
  • Clamp band inner diameter: 19.0-22.5mm
  • Lever reach adjust: Yes (screw)
  • Brake-type: SLR-EV (BR-R8000, BR-R8010)
  • Compatible: EW-SD50 
  • Master unit: No
  • Firmware update by E-tube Project: Yes
  • E-tube port (pcs): each 2
  • E-tube connector (pcs): 0
  • Connector for remote sprinter shifter (pcs): 0
  • Port for remote sprinter shifter (pcs): 0

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Shimano Ultegra Di2 2x11-speed Dual Control Lever ST-R8060 Set