Michivelo was founded by a bicycle enthusiast who believes that bikes can bring us everywhere, connecting us to the world, no matter where we are. Growing up with this faith, we are very committed in bringing world class cycling products to riders all over the world, bringing freedom to everyone's life. Our mission is to be your one-stop platform for everything you need, whether cycling is your business or part of your leisure activities. 


We started off as the Ceepo distributor in Southeast Asia in 2016, our company then acquire distributorship for other high quality brands like GoodYear, FSA, Joe's No-Flats, Jagwire etc. With the good rapport built with bike shop dealers over the years, CHZ Trading was then founded which focuses on wholesale business of bicycle products. We distribute bicycle products from the best vendors in the industry to bike shops in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and many more, hoping to bolster bike shop success and subsequently the growth of the bicycle community. 


We work with teams who share our passion for making the world a better place through the power of bikes and business. We have good people at Built who deliver high quality wheels and we have our mechanic who is committed to be at your support when you need it.


With our good components and high quality wheels in place, we hope to build a bike that we always wanted to own and ride on, hence our very own bicycle frame- Michi frame was born. From design to craftmanship, we put details into perfection. 


Our core value is to serve you well, together we move forward, to a community powered by cycling.


Our Story