If you are ready to purchase a Ceepo, you can rest easy knowing that the order process is segregated into 6 simple steps. Our current lead-time on orders is approximately 3 weeks.  In the meantime, a highly skilled and dedicated team will guide you through your order progress to ensure you realize your dream bike smoothly.



Before you can officially start the Order Process, you need to start by choosing a Ceepo model and deciding on how you would like to build it up. Ceepo offers five different frame models each specific for a certain cycling category. Each model has a standard geometry chart that spans a range of sizes, allowing you to find the right size based on common measurements.  

We also have an impressive selection of components ranging from basic to top performance levels to help you choose how to build your perfect bike. And lastly, we offer custom paint design or you can choose from the standard design templates to complete the personalisation of your Ceepo.



On the frame selection page, you can click a button that will bring you an Order Form. We recommend that you take your time to fill up the form as accurately as possible. Submit your completed Order Form and our specialist will review your selection. You will be contacted shortly via email by the Ceepo specialist handling your order.

We will compile the information from your Order Form to create your personal Ceepo Package which will be sent to you. Enclosed in this package will be four documents:

1.FRAME CHOICE – Frame selection is typically the first piece of information that we put into your Ceepo Package. Do not worry about the size of the frame as it will be re-confirmed after the bike fit is done.

2.COMPONENTS LIST – This is a comprehensive list of the components involved in building your Ceepo. The Components List ensures that you will have everything necessary to build your Ceepo. Fret not about the dimensions of the components as they will be re-confirmed after the bike fit is done.

3.PAINT OPTION – All Ceepo frames come in standard paint design and colour. Custom paint designs are also available if required. You can choose your favourite design from a selected range of colour schemes on the website or do a full customisation from a raw frame. Our graphic designer will send you a digital mockup of the frame design. The design and colors shown on the digital draft are as close to reality as we are able to accurately represent.

4.ESTIMATE – The Estimate reflects the total charge for your Ceepo based on Frame Choice, Components List, and Paint Option. You will see a line item with a description and amount for each major piece of your Ceepo. Your total does not include applicable tax and shipping charges.  If you are an international customer, please expect to possibly pay additional import charges to your Customs department to take your Ceepo home.

It is very important that you review every document in your Ceepo Design Package and ensure that everything is correct, because your order will be made exactly to the specifications in the package.  Once we receive your approval, we will begin the production of your Ceepo without delay.



After receiving a order confirmation, a bike fit appointment with FITSKUUL or master dealer will be set. Bike fitting plays a very crucial role before purchasing a bike of the most suitable size for optimised and performance cycling. We want to ensure that you feel comfortable cycling and prevent any prolonged cycling prone injuries.


For all partial and complete bike orders, we will ask that you kindly place a 50% deposit payment on your Ceepo. You will also receive a final Ceepo Package with sizes for your frame and all the components amended according to your fitting session. Once your Ceepo Package has been fully approved.  We will not allow further changes to your Frame Choice or Components list after you have made your deposit payment.  



Once you've gotten through Steps 0 through 4 the seat belt sign will be turned and it is time to buckle up while we begin your order with full speed ahead. Do not worry if we lose contact for a short while because it only means that everything is going smoothly.



After about 3 weeks, your frame and along with all the components would have landed safely in our office. We will contact you to let you know that your Ceepo project is almost complete. After receiving this email, we will require the final payment of 50% to be made via your prefered mode of payment. Your Ceepo will next be careful transported to your prefered local bike shop or our own personal bike shop to be assembled. After all your perseverance, you can finally whiz down to the shop to collect your dream machine.